Open Source, End-to-End Verifiable Online Voting Platform For Elections

Sequent is a pioneer and leader in developing open source online voting technology that delivers trust and legitimacy in national, local and private elections.


We empower governments and private organizations to safely run fully or hybrid online elections with a technology that is vetted by the world’s foremost experts in academia and industry, and by partnering with their most trusted election management providers.


We apply formal methods and cutting edge cybersecurity practices to ensure voter privacy and elections integrity

Open Source

Our open-source software is completely transparent and continuously being reviewed and vetted by experts worldwide.

End-to-End Verifiable

Our solution provides verifiable mathematical proofs of the integrity of the vote and the election's correctness

Trusted by millions worldwide

Our technology has been successfully proven in elections with over 2.7 million votes counted and 150,000 eligible voters in a single election event


Election Events


Votes Cast






A Smooth Voter Experience

Boost voter turnout by letting voters easily cast their votes from their smartphone, tablet or laptop in minutes using our intuitive web ballot interface.


Comprehensive Election Administration 

A step-by-step, easy-to-use election administration interface guides election officials through the election creation, simulation, operations and publishing of results.

Integrated With Your Election Systems

Sequent integrates with multiple voter authentication, registration and elections management systems, and provides a fully documented API for additional custom integrations.


Our Customers and Partners

We have worked with universities, trade unions, professional associations, political parties and municipalities and partnered with top-tier election services vendors to provide fully managed election services.

We have worked directly with trade unions, professional associations, universities, political parties and municipalities, and partnered with top-tier election services vendors to provide fully managed elections


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